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Our house was established in 1915, which is why we offer seven different room categories. The catergories differ with regard to size and furnishing; modern lounge-like rooms and traditional alps-like rooms, with or without balcony, with or without shower, en suite and so on...

Moreover, you can choose between different locations. The east side with morning sun, the south side with balcony and a great view of the Arosa Schanfigg valley from the Schiesshorn to the Hörnli - or finally the forest side, with a view to the forest. The rooms with a mountain view and the larger ones are a little more expensive but all rooms have their own special charme. It would go beyond the scope to describe all of our rooms.

Please understand that we can never promise room numbers, only room types - for your and our comfort. But do tell us about your preferences and desires. Whenever possible we will of course follow your wishes the way our capacities allow us.

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