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to Blatter’s Hotel

We feel privileged to be the second generation in charge of this house. On the basis of warm hospitality we welcome you to spend exciting and recreative days with us. Accompanied by a tender feeling of well-being we promise you will enjoy your time in our hotel. We are constantly focused on our guests and choose our services accordingly. Whether it is about the materials of our furniture or the freshness of our herbs, the well-being of our guest is always the centre of our attention.

Our house is situated beautifully and quiety and in close proximity to the town centre and the pistes as well as the famous hiking trails of Arosa - perfect for recreation.

Its history of over a hundred years, its well-deserved four stars, its 55 rooms and 106 beds, its 50 staff members and especially its independence are what makes Blatter’s hotel so special and unique. It’s a very special place, it’s like a stage for sophisticated people from all over the world - a stage on which you play the leading part.

Our autonomy gives us the ability to combine traditional and present-day life and to offer you our most sincere hospitality. Step into our world, indulge yourself, and enjoy many untroubled and eventful days in our beautiful establishment.

We are pleased to have you with us
Thomi Blatter


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